In the terms & conditions, the Applicant(s) will be referred to as the ADOPTER, VOLUNTEER, FOSTER, or I/We, and Paws It Forward Dog Rescue Society will be referred to as PIFDR.


The ADOPTERS understand and agree there are no guarantees regarding the health or temperament of any dog and agree to assume risk of loss, injury, and damage to other people, pets or property. ADOPTERS agree to be solely responsible for the pet(s) and to indemnify and hold harmless Paws It Forward Dog Rescue Society, and all volunteers associated with the rescue organization from claims of liability for the conduct of this animal.

The ADOPTER agrees to allow PIFDR to periodically check to confirm the animal’s acceptance of the new environment and family and to ensure compliance with all Adoption Agreement conditions. This may include a home visit. PIFDR retains the right to visit and examine the animal at any time. PIFDR also retains the right to reclaim an animal when warranted because of neglect, abuse, inadequate home, veterinary care or breach of contract. The ADOPTER agrees to relinquish custody of an animal to PIFDR immediately upon request without legal writ or order until the situation warranting the reclamation is rectified.

The ADOPTER agrees to provide quality veterinary care for the animal. The ADOPTER agrees to seek prompt veterinary care when indicated by symptoms or an emergency. PIFDR is available for consultation, or advice in this and all other areas pertaining to the health, training, compatibility, etc., of the adopted animal.

Puppies young to be altered at the time of adoption shall have the spay/neuter operation performed at PIFDR expense by a PIFDR-approved veterinarian at an appropriate age chosen by PIFDR.

The ADOPTER must notify PIFDR if at any time or for any reason the ADOPTER cannot keep the animal, and must return the animal to PIFDR rather than transferring it to another household or surrendering it to a shelter. If the ADOPTER must return the animal to PIFDR, he/she agrees to give PIFDR one week’s notice, so that a place can be found for the animal, or to pay the cost of a week’s boarding kennel fees.

The ADOPTER agrees that the animal will be kept as a indoor pet only. The ADOPTER agrees to not leave the animal outside alone, at any time, in a fenced or un-fenced area. Tie-outs are not substitutes for a fenced yard or run. PIFDR does not recommend the use of invisible fencing.

The ADOPTER agrees to notify PIFDR of any change in address or phone number.

The ADOPTER agrees the animal will not be transported in the back of an open vehicle such as a pick-up truck.

I/We understand there are costs involved in maintaining an animal and hereby assume full responsibility for food bills, health care and licensing of any animal adopted from PIFDR.

I/We understand that animals may carry diseases and parasites that may be transmissible to humans. I/We understand that these zoonotic diseases may be transmitted to anyone, but people with suppressed immune systems (due to an immune disorder, cancer treatment, organ transplantation. etc.) are at greatest risk, and I/we hold PIFDR harmless

Should it be necessary for PIFDR to take legal action to recover this adopted animal or otherwise enforce provisions in this agreement, I/we agree to pay all court costs and legal fees.