Canines and Crystals

crystal rainbow

Over the years, the use of gems and crystals has become somewhat of a fashion statement! You see them being sold as jewelry in markets, used in meditation malas, and displayed as art around the home. Crystals are not only known for their beauty, the healing energy they hold is something to be felt. For many years, crystals and gems have been used in alternative healing for humans. With canine stress and anxiety on the rise, it’s easy to see why so many humans are now interested in the use of crystals on canines! So if this sounds like you, and you are someone who is interested in crystal healing with your dog, here are a few things you need to know to keep them safe!

Canines are naturally very drawn to crystals and intuitively know which stone they need for their well-being.

Laying crystals out on the floor near their beds for your dog to access as they please can bring about real healing. It’s INCREDIBLY important that your dog be able to choose to move away or not interact as needed; we should never force a dog to interact with crystals. Consent is a real thing y’all! This means never ever attaching crystals to your dog (ummm super pretty crystal collars and clip on crystals I’m looking at you!). Now, it’s only natural we humans consider these crystal collars and clips for our pets, not only because they are super gorgeous but because it comes from a place of such good intention. After all, we wear them all the time with huge benefit! But like many of their senses compared to ours, dogs are highly sensitive to the energy felt by gems and it can easily overwhelm them and actually create the opposite effect to the one we are hoping for. Therefore, it is so important for them to have freewill over their crystal use!

If you are new to crystals for canines, the perfect place for you to start is Obsidian. Laying a piece out for them allows them to clear their own energy fields, stabilizing them by releasing imbalances of negative energies, creating mental peace and calm, pulling out stress and tension, rebalancing their digestive system, relieving joint pain, and promoting compassion; grounding them back to their true self. You’ll be surprised how often your dog chooses to go lay next to crystals you put out, but reading the benefits it’s easy to see why. Be careful though, once you buy one crystal for your pooch you’ll be hooked and want them all!

canine and crystal necklace

So are you interested in which other crystals your dog might benefit from but not sure how to know?

Simple! Absolutely every other crystal you can let your dog choose for themselves. In fact, most crystal shops, such as Shawanadas in Kelowna, are pet friendly (on leash)! This is the perfect bucket list adventure for you and your dog to do together on those ‘too hot to walk outside’ kind of days fast approaching. Take a back seat once you enter the shop and let the magnetic pull of the crystals guide your pooch to their perfect match. Make this trip all about them. Let them sniff, pull, and all around adventure… within polite reason of course! Be sure to watch for your dog’s ‘tell’ when they’ve found their match. For example some dogs will stick their nose to the object, poke it, excessively sniff at it, or even paw at it. You know your dog best, so you’ll recognize it! It’s important to remember while using and working with crystals that they need to be regularly cleaned! There are several techniques for this, you can check them out here. From here on out it’s time to let your co-healing time begin!

Using crystals can be a fun way to bring about deeper connection and unique healing with your canine bestie. Whether you’re looking to relieve stress and anxiety or simply looking to promote more balance in their life, allowing them free access to crystals in the home is a great addition for their overall wellbeing. Perhaps now you’re feeling a trip to the crystal and gem store is in order for you and your dog today! I hope that whatever your plans are for the day, you take some time to breathe, be present, and enjoy your dog to help their little soul shine!

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