Duke & Clover

Meet Duke & Clover! 🥰

These babies have been in our care for a while.

Their mom, Iris came to us last fall and surprised us with three puppies. 🤭

Unfortunately, they were all born with parrot mouth with is a dental issue that causes their lower teeth to dig into the roof of their mouths, causing pain and further dental jaw issues.

We conferred with Dr Theresa Jacobson at Sitara Animal Hospital in Lake Country who agreed that in order to ease their pain they required surgery as soon as possible.

They had to have their lower canines and anterior teeth extracted and once their adult teeth come in they will most likely have those extracted too at the time of their spay/neuter.

Thankfully, this allows them to play and eat pain-free, but unfortunately these surgeries are very expensive and have left us with large vet bills that we need help with. So far we have raised $1236.00 towards their care. The total cost will be $5000.00 per puppy for all treatment. Thank you to everyone who has donated. As you may know, PIF is 100% volunteer run and we are able to sustain the rescue from tireless fundraising and from generous donations from our community. 💛

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