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BFFs for Life

Five ways to improve your BFFs health and longevity There is no question, dogs are humans’ number one best friends. They are our biggest cheerleaders,

So you just rescued, what now?

Tips for when you bring home a new rescue dog You spent so much time researching your favourite rescues, hours upon hours reading those adorable

Grooming is connection

In the animal world, spending time together grooming each other is not only highly valued connection time, it’s one of the number one signs of

Okanagan Summer Bucket List

25 must do’s for you and your best bud in the Okanagan With temperatures cracking the 30 degree mark these past weeks, its easy to

Canines and Crystals

Over the years, the use of gems and crystals has become somewhat of a fashion statement! You see them being sold as jewelry in markets,

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